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1024 x768

Most competition- and training hurdles from various manufactures in


Germany:  Berg®, Benz®, Thieme® Weller & Herden®, Aust®, Schäper®, Erhard®

Europe:  Dimasport® (FRA), Schelde® (BEL), Nordic® (SWE), Polanik® (POL), Mondo® (ESP), Stadia® (GBR)

USA:  Pacer International®, Gill®, M&F®, UCS®

Japan:  Nishi®

are different – although they all meet IAAF specifications – in shape and design of stand and hinges (round or quadratic – see bellow). They differ also in the way the hurdle slats (top bars) are fixed or mounted 
(in cut-outs or plain surface) onto the telescopic vertical sections.






Competition hurdle types

Fig. 1
Quadratic telescopic uprights - vertical lifting sections
hurdle slat (top bar) is mounted in a special cut-out (slit) made in the telescopic upright.



A variety of different types of hurdle with diffrent ways to fix the slats:


Typ Nordic (Schweden)

Typ Berg (GER)

Typ Nishi (Japan)








Typ Weller & Heden (GER)






In order to manufacture the sya-flex® „flexible hurdle slats“ with the appropriate hinge to match your hurdle, it is necessary to get information about your individual board-holder (cut-out shape & hole-placements for top-bar mounting), as well as about your uprights top-bar adjustment.




If the
telescopic tubes (or quadratic uprights) have their "peg-&-spring"
with catch system of height adjustments placed on the outer or inner side of the hurdle-feet – and if you want to workout with the
sya-flex® adjusted outwards – you have to adapt the hurdle-height adjustment holes, by screwing all the way through either the ominous vertical hurdle-feet or the moveable uprights, parallel to the existing holes. So you have the catch-system-holes on both sides.

This permits the lifting section with its peg-&-spring to fit automatically no matter which position you need to use and allows you to work with different aged athletes on different heights at the same time. Since your hurdles have the hurdle-height adjustment holes pointing towards the base-feet direction – there is no change required.


For best results we propose to use the sya-flex®mounted on Hurdles made according to IAAF rules and designed for competitions. 


The mobile weight catches adjustment system should be always placed to guarantee a constant force of hurdle overturn (about 3,6 kg – according to competitor´s age & race distance) independently of sya-flex® half hurdle slats  position.


NEVER use sya-flex® mounted on hurdles without frame counter-weights !




Very easy assembly consisting in putting the sya-flex® half hurdle slats into the vertical lifting section´s cut-out and screwing it tight. Use also mother-screws for better fixing if needed.

For front- or rear-way-assembly, just fix the sya-flex®´s hinge onto the end of your vertical telescopic sections (uprights) and screw it tight. Assembly instructions are enclosed.



By ordering please let us know the Company & Product´s names (Type of hurdle) and Catalogue N°
Then we will manufacture the
sya-flex® especially to fit your hurdle design.



Europe: delivery approx. two to three weeks after order. 
Overseas: up to four weeks
+ leading time

Delivery is made at the customer´s own risk and expense.  
The right of property is reserved pursuant to § 455 BGB
- UE, Germany


E.C.S Packing and transport:


Very easy, cheap and safe transport to the customer, even for the longest distances.
To reduce freight cost and to make transport easy, the
sya-flex® half hurdle slats are delivered wrapped in shock-absorbing Lupo-Bubble-Foil and  carton-dispatch-tubes.


sya-flex ®
the world's safest and unique practice hurdle

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