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Andrei B. Sepsy

born in Transylvania/Romania in 1948, completed in 1971 his studies with the state examination and thesis (diploma) for the teaching profession of the English and Romanian literature and languages. One year later, he successfully completed the national examination for Track and Field coaches at the Sport University in Bucharest. Due to an ear injury in 1960 during competitive swimming, he was prevented from participating in the 100m Crawl at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Thus he turned to his eternal love, the track and field.


Within a short time his coach and sport teacher, noticed that he had a large talent in his hands. After only 3 years athletics, Andrei Sepsy won his first international combined-events international title.

Since 1964 he  constantly topped the Romanian combined-events pupil records and later also the youth national records in decathlon, high jump and pole vaulting, as well as over hurdle distances. His record time over the 200m hurdle distance for youth, was overtaken only 18 years later. At the age of 21, he became for the first time Romanian champion in the men’s decathlon.

Due to his numerous national title gains and convincing achievements on the international level, Andrei B. Sepsy was over one and a half decades a constant member of the Romanian, and later the Hungarian, decathlon national team. After his second decathlon champion title in 1970 in Romania, he was invited for three months to the international training centre (in Santa Barbara) of the worldwide-famous American Olympic gold medal winner in Mexico 1968, William "Bill" Toomey.


The young, most promising Romanian decathlonist was the first athlete from an iron curtain country that was alone allowed to travel to America in 1971 to train with a decathlon world record holder and to prepare himself for forthcoming Games in Munich in 1972 .


At this time, he also completed his thesis (diploma) with the University of Santa Barbara, California.


Sports carreer/development:

1964 – 1975     Member Romanian National team, 3 times junior  

                       and 3 times decathlon champion (men).

1966                participation in the juniors European 

                       Championships, Odessa

1971                6th rank at the Universiade (World University

                       Student Games) in Turin/Italy

1973                10th rank at the Universiade in Moscow, USSR

1976 – 1980     Member of the Hungarian national team, 3 times

                       decathlon vice-champion

1977 & 1980      Participant of the European Cup combined events,

                         Götzis 1977 (Austria) & Budapest 1980(Hungary)



With his decathlon best performance, Andrei Sepsy achieved in the Seventies a place in the first thirty in the world rank list.


From 1981 to 1989 he was active not only as coach with the StTV Singen (Germany), but also association coach in the Hegau/Lake Constance district for the talent promotion groups, the E and D-sections, as well as the D/C section of the national team. The most valuable fruits of his work (as a coach) was the German junior master title in the 100m Sprint, as well as three second and two third places on the national level in the pupil pentathlon and in the hurdle sprint and long-jump in the A-youth. In addition, innumerable titles and medals with the German national, and South German championships as well as the championships of the states of Baden and Baden-Württemberg.



Language knowledge:







Special knowledge:


  • sound PC knowledge, Web master for several Internet web sites

  • Music: Guitar (1966-1971 member of the band "Syrinx")

  • Publisher: Athletics yearbook for the district of Hegau/Lake Constance (* 1992-2002)

  • Editor of club magazines

  • Organization, planning and logistics of Athletics Championships such as Baden-, Baden Württemberg-, Int. Lake of Constance Championships-, South German and German championships


2002 founded the company “Andrei Sepsy Co.” to officially market his unique invention the sya flex®


  • 2011 published his "First of All" CD including 15 songs. All own composition and lyrics. Here you can have a look and listen to the starting track: "The Spitfire"

  • For the time being (2017) he is working on a second CD.




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Andrei Sepsy


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